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“Around 60 years ago, Fujitsu General was like ABS. We see a reflection of Fujitsu General’s energy, dedication and focus on customer delight in ABS and that’s what made us choose ABS as our partners.”

Mr. Etsuro Saito,
President,Fujitsu General Limited


His joy and optimism were unmistakable when he said, “this is not just a collaboration, it’s a celebration — a celebration of cultures, ideas, values, dreams and growth. It’s our first partnership in India for commercial HVAC business and it’s certainly a celebration of harmony and togetherness.”

While talking about the prospects that lie ahead, he further added, “We consider the ‘expansion of foreign commercial business’ and the ‘capture and expansion of Indian market’ as part of our ‘five key expansion projects’ towards achieving our mid-term management plan. Currently, we have strong brand power with residential air conditioners in the air conditioning market in India.


At the same time, we have also been developing commercial air conditioners for small and medium-sized buildings in recent years. ABS possesses an extensive track record in office, commercial facilities, hospitals, factories and logistics facilities with a focus on large air conditioning systems such as chillers and air handling units.”